Team Building
Unique Team Building
Unique and Fun
Team Activities
Acclaimed by global Fortune 500 company executives. There's
nothing else like it.
Team Building
Unique Team Building
The Magic
of Connecting
Acclaimed by global Fortune 500 company executives. There's
nothing else like it.

Your Team will Feel like they're on America's Got Talent!

Team Building Overview

Your team will bond as they learn amazing magic tricks, perform for each other, and celebrate each other’s success, while reinforcing the importance of collaboration and your company’s core values. Prizes are given out, inclusion is encouraged, relationships are deepened, problem solving skills are honed, communication skills are sharpened, and your team will feel like they're on America's Got Talent! Watch the demo video to see it in action.


Groups work together to complete fun activities under a time constraint.


Sharpens communication skills while having a lot of fun.


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The Magic of Connection

Team Building Program Explained

Below, you will see a basic breakdown of the team building program. Please note that the program is very robust and some of the small details are left out, but this goes over the main parts. If you have not watched the demo video, it is recommended that you scroll up and watch it first.

1. Interactive Kickoff

The program kicks off with a highly interactive magic and mind reading show.

2. Full Team Splits Up

The full team is split up into smaller groups.

3. Groups Learn Tricks

Each small group collaborates to learn magic tricks.

4. Create Messages

Each small group creates a message about collaboration. (The tricks serve as metaphors.)

5. Deliver Informercials

The small groups take turns getting up in front of each other and performing their "magic infomercials."

6. Debrief

The groups take a moment to reflect on the team exercises.

7. Score

The small groups score each other with score cards like the judges on America's Got Talent!

8. Award Ceremony

Prizes are given to the groups.

Jesse Dameron

Meet Your Facilitator


Your team building facilitator, Jesse Dameron, is also a professional entertainer. His clients include a multitude of major companies such as Johnson & Johnson, JLL, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Luxottica, Costco Wholesale, UGI Corporation, Trader Joe’s, Henkel Corporation, McDonald’s, Flowserve Corporation, Cobham, Genesis Healthcare, RE/MAX, Delaware Park Casino, and Radisson Hotel Group. Watch the videos below to see him in action!

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Team Building Program

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